Research & Teaching

Forschung und Lehre

ARD.ZDF medienakademie / DeutscheAnwaltAkademie

Dr. Robert Straßer and Dr. Stefan Ventroni are both lecturers and trainers for lawyers at the renowned “DeutscheAnwaltAkademie” and at the ARD.ZDF medienakademie.

Dr. Robert Straßer is also a lecturer at the Hamburg Media School in the field of international film financing.


Cologne Research Centre for Media Law

We not only advise you in our core competences of trademark, copyright and media law, but are also actively involved in research and teaching in these areas. And we have been doing this successfully for decades at various universities and colleges, currently above all for the Cologne Research Centre for Media Law at the Cologne University of Technology (TH) in the Master programme in Media Law and Media Business. Passing on knowledge and experience to the next generation is a central concern for us; we find the discussion and debate with young talents enriching. We also publish on current legal topics and thus actively contribute to the legal discourse.

Beyond teaching, we are also actively involved in university work with our colleague Prof. Dr. Stefan Sporn, honorary professor at the TH: He is the speaker for the advisory board of the Cologne Research Centre for Media Law and a member of the International Board of Advisers (IBoA) of the Schmalenbach Institute for Economic Sciences at the TH Cologne.

TH Köln, Forschungsstelle für Medienrecht
Rechtsanwalt, Handels- & Gesellschaftsrecht

Arber Seminare

Dr. Philip Rödiger is a speaker and specialist trainer for lawyers at “Arber-Seminare”. He also writes commentaries for the IDW-Verlag and Nomos-Verlag in Tax Law / Succession Taxation.

Arber Seminare

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