Dr. Rolf Moser

Dr. Rolf Moser

Of-Counsel | Attorney at Law

Dr. Rolf Moser, after obtaining his doctorate in international copyright law, began his professional career in the film industry. In his extensive role as CEO in a well-known media company, he acquired comprehensive knowledge in film and TV production, particularly in music law, brand licensing, and international cinema/TV distribution. He has demonstrated proven success in these areas and possesses a vast network throughout the media industry. His focus lies in advising on contract negotiations and complex copyright issues, incorporating strategic and economic solutions, as well as in music supervising and rights clearing.


Film & TV
Copyright Law / Copyright Collectives

  • 1975-1979 Studied law and journalism in Berlin and Munich
  • 1980-1982 Scholarship recipient and research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for International Patent, Copyright, and Competition Law
  • 1981 Summer Session in American Law at Columbia University New York
  • 1982 Second State Examination in Law in Munich, admission to the bar
  • 1982 Training as a film merchant
  • 1982-1985 Research assistant at the Institute for Copyright and Media Law
  • 1984-1986 Partner at the law firm Duge & Moser
  • 1986 Doctorate in law (Dr. jur.) at LMU Munich
  • 1986-2019 Various leadership positions in the Bavaria Film Group, member of the management of Bavaria Film GmbH, and CEO of several subsidiary or affiliated companies: Bavaria Media GmbH, Bavaria Sonor Musik und Marketing GmbH, Global Screen GmbH, German United Distributors GmbH, United Docs GmbH
  • Since 2001 Managing Director of Enterprises Sonor Musik GmbH
  • 2007-2008 Training as a business mediator (IHK)
  • Since 2019 Attorney at Law / Of Counsel at the law firm Straßer Ventroni Freytag
    Chairman of the AG Filmmusikverlage (Film Music Publishers) in the German Music Publishers Association DMV
    Program Advisory Board of Soundtrack Cologne

Co-editor and co-author of the standard work “Moser/Scheuermann/Drücke, Handbook of the Music Industry” (Beck Verlag)

Co-author in Karin Böll (Ed.), “Handbook Licensing” (Deutscher Fachverlag)

Music in Film from an Economic and Legal Perspective, UFITA Volume 100, p. 29 ff

Sound Recording Rights, ZUM 1996, p. 1025 ff

Rights Clearance in Film and Television, Music Forum Volume 94, p. 99 ff

The Copyright Protection of Scientific and Technical Representations in Germany and Great Britain (VFF Verlag)

Co-author of “The Commercial Laws of Germany” (Oceana Publ. New York)

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